Professional Patent Valuation Services by Valueteam

Patent Valuation Services

Professional patent valuation services by Valueteam

The value of a patent is not just a matter of the numbers. We can provide you with an accurate assessment of the value of your patent, but we also take into account factors that affect its value. In some cases, this can mean applying a lower valuation than other firms might arrive at simply because they do not have all the information. We don’t just look at what others have done with similar patents; we make sure to understand your particular circumstances and come up with an accurate assessment of its worth.

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Professional Patent Valuation Services by Valueteam 5

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Valueteam is a Singapore based patent and intellectual property valuation firm that provides professional patent evaluation services. We offer our clients a full range of patent valuation services including:

Patent valuations

Intellectual property valuations

Patent licensing analysis

Patent portfolio analysis and assessment

Patent portfolio valuation

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