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    Brand Valuation Services

    One of the leading providers of specialised Components of brand valuation services. Customized valuation packages at competitive rates.

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    Why You Need Brand Valuation!

    We are a specialized valuation company providing end-to-end assessment services. Our team has extensive experience in the field of valuation

    Brand Valuation for Joint Venture

    Brand Valuation for Joint Venture

    We offer detailed analysis and the right valuation of your brand to help you in Joint ventures and other strategic alliances.

    Brand Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Brand Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Our brand valuation service helps you find the correct value of your brand to avoid overpaying for planned M&A transactions.

    Brand Valuation in Fund Raising

    Brand Valuation in Fund Raising

    Our team will help you arrive at the fair value of your brand to raise funds against the brand assets.

    Your Business Needs to Stay Dynamic in a Complex Ecosystem

    Brand Valuation for Purchase/Sale

    Brand valuation involves the appraisal of the total financial value of a brand. It is essential before any acquisition or divestment. A conflict of interest exists if those involved in its creation will also be the ones to value it. If you are looking to buy or sell a brand, we can help you by ascertaining its accurate or fair value in financial terms.

    Brand Valuation for Licensing

    Brand licensing is the process of leasing a brand name to a company other than the owner of that particular brand. We help estimate the value of your brand so that your company can enter into licensing arrangements on the right terms. Our valuation experts will be happy to help you determine the correct amount and terms for the licensing of your brand.

    Brand Valuation for Financing

    Having a brand can be used to raise finance, both debt and equity capital. Singapore Brand valuation supports the value of a brand which is then used as collateral for a bank loan, or a loan from another investor for financing and raising finance. With our in-depth valuation process, we can help you determine your brand’s value which you can use to raise funding from prospective investors.

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    The approaches used in valuing a brand can be either the standard financial approaches or research-based approaches. However, the methods depend on the nature of brands, but some methods are cost, income, and market approaches.


    The cost-based approaches describe the value of a brand as the total of all historic costs incurred or replacement costs needed in developing the brand to its present condition, which is the aggregate of the development costs, marketing costs, advertising, and other communication costs. The cost-based Best Brand Valuation Services in Singapore can be accomplished through:

    The historical cost of creation method uses the historical cost of taking the brand to its present value.

    The replacement cost method accomplishes best brand valuation by considering the expenses and investments needed to replace a brand with a new one that has a similar advantage for your company.

    The cost to recreate method uses the current outlays to determine the cost of recreating a brand currently.

    The residual value method affirms that brand value is the discounted residual value achieved by finding the difference between cumulative revenues attributable to the brand and cumulative brand costs.

    Brand value = PV(ΣBrand revenues – Σbrand costs)

    The cost-based approach is usually unsuccessful because of no straightforward association between the financial investments taken up and the value addition of the brand.


    The income approach is the most popular approach employed for valuing a brand. It centers on the current value of the economic advantages that the brand will produce in the future. The approach analyses the profits earned in the future by essentially using the brand name. However, the approach is surrounded by the vagueness of future predictions. Some of the methodologies of this approach are:

    relief from royalty method is an ‘economic usage’ valuation method that ascertains the value of a brand concerning the royalty owed for using it when owned by a third party.

    The premium price method determines the value of a brand by the volume premium it produces compared to an identical but unbranded product or service. The technique is not well recognized because it is hard to identify an available product with which the special price of the branded product can be evaluated.

    The incremental cash flow method recognizes all cash flows produced by the brand in a business by comparing with similar companies with no such brand. Both elevated revenues and decreased costs produce cash flows.


    The market approach investigates the value based on the transaction value of assets. The valuation in this approach is assessed as per the transactions among third parties. Therefore, the method is typified by great objectivity. However, in particular, for intellectual property rights, identical transactions with comparable recognition, intensity, or economic and legal scenarios usually do not occur, and the implementation of this approach is quite hard.

    Moreover, all the above standard financial approaches cannot determine the brand value because, during Singapore brand valuation, qualitative elements also should be measured based on studies on consumer behavior. Hence, in the Brand Valuation Singapore process, it is imperative to undertake both the financial approaches of valuation and research-based approaches.


    Most of the research-based approaches that value a brand make use of consumer behavior and mindsets that influence the economic functioning of brands. Though the complexity and intricacy of such prototypes differ, they all attempt to describe, elucidate, and compute consumer viewpoints that affect their buying actions.

    The approaches encompass several measurement tools, such as stages of familiarity, understanding, recognition, significance, particular impression, buying thoughtfulness, inclination, contentment, and endorsement. All these features are allocated diverse brand equity scores, and the sum of all the scores assigned to various features gives the complete brand score.

    An alteration in one or a grouping of indicators is anticipated to affect consumers’ buying actions, influencing the financial value of the brand being evaluated. However, these approaches do not distinguish between the outcomes of other prominent aspects, such as R&D, design, and the brand. Hence, these approaches do not define identifiable marketing indicators and financial functioning.

    What GOES into a Brand Valuation?


    Company Valuation

    We provide thorough company valuation services across all industries and sectors and different stages of business. We are experienced in company valuation, working hard to meet our clients’ different needs and requirements.

    Intangible Valuation

    We offer expert services for the intangible valuation assets such as goodwill, licenses, trademarks, patents, copyrights, rights, customer lists, and brand equity as well as Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) using our proprietary approach.

    Start-Up Valuation

    Startups are companies developed to meet specific market demand and are in the first stages of operations. We have vast experience in the Startup valuation of ranging from e-commerce to SaaS to Fintech.


    Benefits of valuing a Brand

    Brand valuation can help you to buy or sell a brand with ease, discuss better terms with the buyers or sellers of the brand and choose the right time for selling or purchasing a brands.

    Stimulate Growth

    Periodic valuation is a good practice because it helps you evaluate and appraise your brand functioning; uncover business areas that need improvement, and quickly raise capital for your brand.


    Brand valuation has the following advantages:

    • Brand valuation has a definite benefit of transforming a brand from expenditure on the profit and loss to being an asset on the balance sheet.
    • By understanding and specifying the value of a brand, you will legitimize investments and decide on brand-building investment changes, including whether to invest and how to invest.
    • Brand valuation will be of great value if you provide relevant historical documents to obtain crucial marketing and financial matters essential for a brand’s value. Therefore, for having a solid brand, sound internal brand management systems should be in place.

    • Advantages of Brand valuation helps in managing the brand against the same standards as other investments in your company.
    • By determining the effect of brand building, you will assess the quality of branding efforts from an objective viewpoint without having a personal standpoint.
    • By making use of a tangible measure of influence, your company’s management and marketing teams will become more accountable, and you can assess their leadership and management of brand assets for an extended period.








    The mergers and acquisition process is a complex transaction between the owners of companies and their constituent assets.



    We assist in preparing detailed and comprehensive business plans for companies across industries and sectors.

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