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    Business Planning

    Valueteam is a specialized firm in Singapore offering business valuation and consultancy services to companies in public and private sectors from a diverse range of industries. We offer a seamless and structured approach to business planning for our clients. Our services include corporate valuations, business planning, strategic planning, market study, strategic partnerships, revenues strategy, and more.

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    Why Choose Us

    We are a specialized valuation company providing end-to-end assessment services. Our team has extensive experience in the field of valuation



    Our team is headed by a professional who has more than 20 years of valuation experience.



    We are focused on providing all our clients with high quality valuation services at competitive rates.



    We ensure that all financial data gathered and provided are kept completely confidential and stored safely.


    Business Plan for Investors

    We create business plans as per venture capitalists, Private Equity, and other investors’ requirements.

    Bank Business Plan

    Our business plan includes all information required by banks and lending companies for quick approvals.

    Strategic Business Planning

    We make smart strategic business plans and offer restructuring services to attract the right partners.

    Steps in an Effective Business Plan

    A business plan can create or shatter a business. A practical and in-depth business plan offers a well-defined ground plan for the future, compels one to reason about a business thought, and better understand your venture’s financials and the market competition. An effective business plan should have the following steps:


    Executive Summary and business introduction are the first sections in a business plan. This section gives a short description of your company to the reader and why you think your business will be successful.

    The Executive Summary must also contain a mission statement, which describes the main emphasis of your establishment. It should also include a short depiction of the products and services that your company offers, primary data about business ownership, and an overview of your plans.

    The company description gives an in-depth overview of your company. It must contain vital information, including its registered name, address of your physical offices, names of important people in your company, nature of your business, your company history, and additional information of your products and services.

    Besides, it would help if you also mentioned your customers and the businesses that your establishment intends to serve. Describe the competitive benefits that can make your business a huge hit. You can talk extensively about your company’s strengths in this section.


    An objective statement must distinctly describe your company’s objectives and should include a business policy that specifies how you intend to accomplish them. It should establish both your company’s short-term as well as long-term goals.

    If you are considering external funding, utilize this section to describe why you require outside financing, how the funding will assist you in developing your business, and how you intend to accomplish your business goals. It is crucial that you offer a well-defined description of the prospect accessible and how the financing will advance your business.

    Next, you should give details of the business and management structure of your organization. List out the legal constitution of your organization, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.

    You should also give detailed information about company ownership and each owner’s role and responsibilities in your company. Using an organizational chart to depict each critical person’s role provides a clear picture of your organizational structure. Moreover, you can also consider including the resumes of the key team members.


    In this part, you can elaborate on the products and services that your company offers. Here, it would help if you elaborated about how your products and services function, the pricing of your products and services, the customer base that you cater to, your sales and distribution policy, why your products and services are unique in comparison with those offered by your competitors, and how you are strategizing to meet the customer orders.

    Next, you should discuss your marketing and sales plan by explaining your marketing strategy and how you plan to implement it. In addition, you should also discuss your goals for pursuing potential customers to buy your products and services and how you will build a solid consumer base.

    Which would lead to the gaining of customer loyalty and achieving repeated business. Moreover, you can also discuss the strong points of your business and how your company stands out apart among the market competitors.


    If your company is a startup, you may not have sufficient data related to the financial evaluation of your business. However, existing businesses seeking small business loans should include income or profit-and-loss statements, a balance sheet that accounts for their assets and debts, and a cash flow statement containing information about the inflow and outflow of cash in your company.

    Financial projections are a significant segment of your business plan if you are approaching prospective investors for finance. The financial projections describe how your company will produce sufficient profits to repay the loans or how it will secure sizeable returns for the investors.

    Furthermore, you should also give your venture’s monthly or quarterly sales and expenses and profit estimations for a minimum period of three years along with the future values by taking into account that you have taken a new loan. However, care should be taken to evaluate your historical financial statements before making projections.

    About Valueteam

    Company Valuation

    We offer complete valuation services in Singapore across all sectors/industries and stages of business.

    Intangibles Valuation

    We are experts in the valuation of intangibles and IPs using a proprietary approach.

    Startup Valuation

    We are experienced in the valuation of startups from e-commerce to SAAS to Fintech.


    Benefits of valuing a business

    Business valuation can help you to buy or sell a business with ease, discuss better terms with the buyers or sellers of the company and choose the right time for selling or buying a business.

    Stimulate Growth

    Periodic valuation is a good practice because it helps you evaluate and appraise your business functioning; uncover business areas that need improvement, and quickly raise capital for your business .


    The following business plan tips can help to get the most out of your efforts:

    • Do not be over-optimistic. If you seek a business loan at a local bank, the loan officers will be well aware of the market in which your company operates. Therefore, avoid giving irrational sales figures, which can decrease the possibilities of your loan approval.
    • Please keep it to the point. An effective business plan should be well-defined, succinct, and should include all critical information. Concentrate on the significant aspects of your business plan and keep away from using too many technical attributes of your business or industrial terminologies in the business plan. A business plan can be anywhere between 15 to 25 pages.

    • Proofread. Particular attention should be given to spelling, punctuation, and grammar in your business plan because such errors can make potential investors lose interest in your business plan, thereby discouraging them from making investments in your business. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professional business plan writers and editors to write and edit an effective and error-free business plan.

    What Does A Business Plan Include?

    How Many Business Plans Has Valueteam Drafted?

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    How Many Iterations Do We Allow In A Business Plan?



    We assist in the valuation of target companies, PPA, and EPS analysis, both pre and post-transaction.



    We provide all kinds of intangibles like patents, trademarks, IPs etc valuation services for our clients.

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