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How to Write an Attractive Investor Pitch Deck

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    Write an Attractive Investor Pitch Deck

    What is Investor Pitch Deck: Many Startups often try to write an attractive investor pitch deck which are about 15-20 PowerPoint presentation slides to present their business to potential business capital investors.

    An investor pitch deck is prepared to show the potential venture capital investors the company’s team, technology, and products. It is always easy to prepare a pitch deck. Process to  write an attractive investor pitch deck  can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when you don’t know what an investor pitch deck should content.

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    To write an attractive investor pitch deck following topics needs to be covered in the pitch deck are:

    • The Problem
    • The Solution
    • Company Information
    • Market Size
    • Competition
    • Competitive advantages and Unique Selling Propositions
    • Product
    • Traction
    • Business Model
    • Revenue Model
    • Financial Forecast
    • Existing Investors
    • Funds Utilization
    • Team
    • Summary

    What an investor pitch deck should contain?

    You should add many things to your investor pitch if you want them to consider your business. Many entrepreneurs or business owners are ignorant of this.

    Some of the contents or what you should add in your investor pitch deck include:

    • Add visual, engaging, and exciting images and graphics. Every good investor pitch should content, not just interesting
    • Convince the investors viewing the pitch deck because the marketplace opportunities are significant.
    • Add the words “Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright (c) by [your company’s name]. All Rights Reserved.” at the cover page of your pitch deck cover. This is better placed at the bottom left-hand side.
    • Before the meeting day, send your pitch deck in PDF format to your prospective investors. Don’t force them to get it from Dropbox, Google Docs, or other online means. This can become a barrier to your investors from reading it.
    • Tell an engaging, compelling, informative, passionate, and memorable story about your business. The story drives investors’ emotions. Your story should describe how you started, the challenges, and how you overcame them.
    • They were having a soundbite for potential investors to remember.
    • Excellent and consistent font size should be used in your investor pitch.
    • Perfect and consistent header title style and color should be used in the slides.
    • Show you have enough ideas, develop the product, and get customers. This is vital as nobody will love to invest in a business that does not have customers.

    Content to Write an Attractive Investor Pitch Deck

    To increase your chances of getting the investors, don’t add and do the following in your investor pitch and while presenting:

    • Avoid many wordy slides. That is, minimize too much text.
    • Your deck should not be more than 20 slides, but you can add more information as an appendix.
    • Don’t cover every detail in the investor pitch deck.
    • Don’t use acronyms the investors may not remember and understand immediately.
    • Don’t devalue the competition. Many Startups have done this and, as a result, do not show in their investor pitch deck how they will overcome competitors.
    • Your pitch deck should not have too many financial details. You can always provide them during follow-up.
    • Before you present, review your investor pitch deck regularly.

    Some Documents Needed After Presentation

    Following your investor pitch, you’ll want to have these documents ready.

    Creating a pitch deck is only the beginning of preparing a business strategy. A good investor pitch necessitates the preparation of relevant paperwork to back it up. A few papers you should have ready to send after your pitch include the following.

    Executive summary

    Two- to three-page summaries of your company’s operations are an executive summary or a summary memo. An overview paper that investors may distribute with their partners and other company members to give them an idea of your business valuation company. The executive summary should be a written version of your pitch deck.

    Technical documentation

    If you’re launching a tech or medical startup, you could be requested to offer more information about your technology than usual. As a result, investors in these kinds of enterprises may want more thorough documentation, diagrams, processes, a business valuation checklist, and so on to verify your technical claims.

    In-depth simulations of financial outcomes

    Your financial estimates for the next three years should be as thorough as possible so that investors can understand your projections’ assumptions.

    For example, investors will be interested in your plans for recruiting and employee-related spending, R&D expenses, manufacturing costs, and marketing charges. Sales, profit, and loss forecasts should be included in your presentation. A balance sheet or other financial statement is often required, and you also need to get a business valuation. Whenever feasible, use pictures to convey your facts. In terms of results, it’s shown to be better.

    In-depth market analysis

    For example, you could be requested to offer further information on your target audience, business valuation model, and the results of any previous market research. In some instances, having this information on hand is unnecessary, but you should be prepared to provide it even if it is. In other words, don’t include this information in your original deck, but have it on hand if someone asks.

    Leverage storytelling techniques

    People make judgments primarily based on emotions and a small amount of reasoning; thus, it’s essential to appeal to their feelings while making your case. For your presentation, you may use any of the following narrative techniques:

    In other words, using the before-after-bridge method.

    With a particular issue in mind, begin by creating a fictional universe (before). Next, let’s imagine a world without conflict (after). Tell us about your company’s plan of action (the bridge). In Singapore, you can get most of these techniques from business valuation services Singapore if you are looking to use them.

    The PAS formula

    The problem, Agitate, and Solution is the acronym for this group. This is how it works: you explain an issue (i.e., your target customer’s problem) and then build a solution to that problem (your product or service).

    To do this, one must alternate between focusing on what is (the current state of affairs) and what may be possible (the future that could be). When ready, add your company concept as a capstone (the bliss). Regardless of your chosen narrative framework, you must organize your presentation correctly to maintain a constant pace.


    The Most Frequently Made Presentation Mistakes

    Practice and effort are essential if you want to produce an effective presentation. However, your presentations will be outstanding if you know how to avoid mistakes.

    Preparation failures, improper topic delivery, and slurred speech are all common blunders in presentations.

    Planning ahead of time always pays off. Before you arrive, scope out the location and get a feel for the technical aspects of the setup.

    Visual assistance should reflect your content’s clarity and conciseness. To avoid patronizing or confusing your audience, keep your presentation’s pitch appropriate for their level of comprehension.

    Always keep in mind that public speaking is a show. To prevent “rapid-fire” delivery, practice speaking effectively at a slower tempo than you usually do. Use body language and gestures that support what you’re saying to keep your audience interested.


    An investor pitch decks with a compelling and memorable story and to write an attractive pitch deck  all the valuable contents mentioned above will stand over the one that doesn’t have them. For Further Information and help to create an investor pitch deck  Contact Us.

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