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How to Write an Attractive Investor Pitch Deck

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    Write an Attractive Investor Pitch Deck

    What is Investor Pitch Deck: Many Startups often try to write an attractive investor pitch deck which are about 15-20 PowerPoint presentation slides to present their business to potential business capital investors.

    An investor pitch deck is prepared to show the potential venture capital investors the company’s team, technology, and products. It is always easy to prepare a pitch deck. Process to  write an attractive investor pitch deck  can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when you don’t know what an investor pitch deck should content.

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    To write an attractive investor pitch deck following topics needs to be covered in the pitch deck are:

    • The Problem
    • The Solution
    • Company Information
    • Market Size
    • Competition
    • Competitive advantages and Unique Selling Propositions
    • Product
    • Traction
    • Business Model
    • Revenue Model
    • Financial Forecast
    • Existing Investors
    • Funds Utilization
    • Team
    • Summary

    What an investor pitch deck should contain?

    You should add many things to your investor pitch if you want them to consider your business. Many entrepreneurs or business owners are ignorant of this.

    Some of the contents or what you should add in your investor pitch deck include:

    • Add visual, engaging, and exciting images and graphics. Every good investor pitch should content, not just interesting
    • Convince the investors viewing the pitch deck because the marketplace opportunities are significant.
    • Add the words “Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright (c) by [your company’s name]. All Rights Reserved.” at the cover page of your pitch deck cover. This is better placed at the bottom left-hand side.
    • Before the meeting day, send your pitch deck in PDF format to your prospective investors. Don’t force them to get it from Dropbox, Google Docs, or other online means. This can become a barrier to your investors from reading it.
    • Tell an engaging, compelling, informative, passionate, and memorable story about your business. The story drives investors’ emotions. Your story should describe how you started, the challenges, and how you overcame them.
    • They were having a soundbite for potential investors to remember.
    • Excellent and consistent font size should be used in your investor pitch.
    • Perfect and consistent header title style and color should be used in the slides.
    • Show you have enough ideas, develop the product, and get customers. This is vital as nobody will love to invest in a business that does not have customers.

    Content to Write an Attractive Investor Pitch Deck

    To increase your chances of getting the investors, don’t add and do the following in your investor pitch and while presenting:

    • Avoid many wordy slides. That is, minimize too much text.
    • Your deck should not be more than 20 slides, but you can add more information as an appendix.
    • Don’t cover every detail in the investor pitch deck.
    • Don’t use acronyms the investors may not remember and understand immediately.
    • Don’t devalue the competition. Many Startups have done this and, as a result, do not show in their investor pitch deck how they will overcome competitors.
    • Your pitch deck should not have too many financial details. You can always provide them during follow-up.
    • Before you present, review your investor pitch deck regularly.


    An investor pitch decks with a compelling and memorable story and to write an attractive pitch deck  all the valuable contents mentioned above will stand over the one that doesn’t have them. For Further Information and help to create an investor pitch deck  Contact Us.